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HA! If you bail on friends because you NEEDS a rest, its time for some R&R.
we often book vacations AFTER the physical, mental & emotional symptoms of #burnout have figure 4 locked you up! no more #reacting to poor health - #2016taught us to #appreciate life and that includes slowing down, filling up and gaining new tools with likeminded peeps.


This super quick – 10 question survey – is to find out what YOU want so I can best serve you!

Please fill it out and let me know what is and isn’t important [budget, distance, amenities, group size, education sessions] when it comes to planning a wellness retreat.




yes, you could always spend money on something else. bags and clothes and nights out ARE fun – then what? yes, you could spend money on a family vacation – and what would it mean to your family for your to invest in, oh i don’t know, YOU?


an unplug from the grind in relaxing environment, with good food (you don’t make!) time alone to watch bad tv, or bathe excessively or nap or breathe fresh air AND AND AND release the anxieties that are hard to discuss with those who lean heavily on you. you can’t worry about them worrying – so you keep it in. the bills, your dreams, the life you used to have before kids, juggling it all … what would it mean to release that and come up with solutions?


If you KNOW you need a breather, if you are ready willing and able to “fill your cup”, and of you want yours truly to facilitate that process…please simply complete this survey. More retreats coming in the Fall!