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#WorkplaceWellness is a buzzword and an initiative employers should take advantage of to improve their bottom line.

Let the example of @WorksafeBC be your guide – Steven & Andy and the entire staff blew me away with the investment and offerings available for employees AND their families. A measly 9% of workers GLOBALLY have any access to #wellness services via their employer. It took almost half an hour for their Health Dept. to explain ALL that is available.



When HR or event professionals trust me with their corporate clients, my intention is to focus on a few things:

fine tune our awareness (even when our brains move at a mile a minute) by being present in the direct experience that you and others are having, while not relying on OLD feelings and OLD patterns of behaviour to shape our next steps.

  • This is why I equip employees with the knowledge and tools needed to shift an unhealthy thought process

  • recommit to their role at work

  • reveal the importance that YOUR wellness means to every person you encounter.

  • affirm the importance of taking accountability for the results in their lives. negative & positive. own your wins.


Thankful for the trust and opportunity to be a conduit in a of conversation that benefits so many.

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small spelling mistake – all love!! my daughters loved these squishy hardhats – a good stress ball!

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these are the investigators, inspectors and support staff who show up to crucial and critical workplace accidents. what they have seen and what they need to report…true unsung heroes. one man’s workload was soley on work related suicides. yikes!! thank heavens there is a wellness program for them AND their families. there are incredible people working behind the scenes every single day.