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This past weekend was a milestone of sorts as I returned to the U S of A to teach an Leadership Development session for the members of NACA® Northeast [hundreds of college/university delegates representing institutions from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and the Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec].


I fortunate to have given my Assertiveness workshop at numerous national conferences and I continue to do so because I have seen people transform in an hour. People, young people, open up to WHY it was hard to speak up in the first place. The self sabotage, the negative self talk, that is expressed inward and outwardly, yielding the results they try to avoid. been there. most of us have been. and THAT is why, for the first session of a massive conference, they need to KNOW how to get what THEY want (without guilt).


You know i love to hear ‘i never thought of it that way before’ – and i saw that written on their faces. So good.


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NACA is a crucial conduit for bigger conversations and the Disruptt Speakers Bureau has shown up and out at every CAMP trade show and I only see them growing!! Think beyond, the hypnotists and swag bags, what conversations can you serve young people with?? These are cruuuucial years!



The drive out to Hartford from Boston was gorgeous in the fall – happy I was able to decompress with some nature walking and a little city exploration before going back to Toronto.  I met fantastic people this weekend and I hope I’ll be in the northeast again soon!


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