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About Me:

Once upon a time, I hated my life. And no one had any idea.
From an early age, mental health and addiction plagued my family. In my early twenties, I had gone from one physically abusive relationship to another, got caught up while working in the music business and dated pro-athletes while living in an apartment the size of a parking space. At my lowest point, I was suicidal after being drugged and raped. This plunged me a depression that lasted four years.
 In spite of serious trauma, I was determined to do the work in order to receive love in my life. Today, I am happier than ever.
Did you get that? I DID THE WORK. It’s why I’m able to coach authentically, without judgment, from experience.
 If you have decided to walk away from a painful past, as I have, then I am offering my services, guidance and valuable insight to help coach you on your path. Your personal success ensures that the suffering from the past was not in vain. 
Did I wake up in this xanadu? Of course not. Am I perfect? C’mon now…
I worked my ass off to get through that nightmare and still do every, muthalovin’ day and I’ll show you how.    It’s hard, but as Mother Teresa once said, “Do it anyway.”




Personal Development Coaching

Why do I need a Coach? 

No one is going to put in a sincere effort to solve your problems for FREE other then mom (and how’s that workin’ for ya?). You can vent and plan and bitch and moan to your friends, but they have their OWN bag of bees to wrestle with. As your coach, I am available to you 24/7, and will focus on the solutions to help you reach that goal.
To hold yourself accountable, to get the results you deserve, its going to be an investment! Of time, of your truth, of an effort to change and yes, money honey! Once you’ve paid for a service, you take it seriously don’t you? You need a coach for your blindspots, to guide you through painful but positive adjustments and to strategize and prioritize each step towards your goal. If you could do it on your own, you would have done it already (no shade). The crucial point is that you’re seeking to make changes in your life. That is the type of client I want. 

Who I Coach: 

- Men & Women
- Those in a life transition (going from day job to dream job, new city, new family, old weight, old trauma…)
- Artists & creative types who need to explore their vulnerability in order to keep creating.
- Driven leaders, people pleasers, scardie-cats who need a push to change.
- Individuals and Groups of 10 or more.
- Sharp & intuitive people. Overwhelmed and ready to make a life shift.
-They are chest deep in change, see the way out and have no clue what to do now or when they get “there”.
-They work hard for others. People believe in them. They are afraid to dream big but know there is something bigger meant for their life
- There is NO plan. Or 1000 plans. Either way, nothing is happening and the negative internal voice is a constant reminder.

 What Makes Me A Phenomenal Coach?

Mom and your girlfriends can rub your back, brush your hair and tell you “it’ll be ok” when you mess up. I am not the one. I will however love you with the ferocity of a mamma bear and you’ll feel it instantly. By gently calling you out and aggressively seeking solutions, we’ll tackle this together. If you want to wait to make a change in your life until its January 1st,or when Mercury isn’t in retrograde, or when its easier…. save it sister. I want to work with the person who is serious and ready to go!



The bad news is I’ve been there. The good news is, I’VE BEEN THERE!



As your coach, I’m going to give you the real deal, and straight goods. I will push you to say words out loud that you buried deep in the back of your brain. Not to torture you, but in order to get you on the other side of what scares you, what stops you in order to help you. Also, With my professional background in marketing and promotions, I can consult on your plans to take your side hustle to the next level. It might take one coaching call, 4 consecutive sessions or 3 months of intensive overhaul. Get in touch for a Free Consultation and we’ll come up with a plan. No pissing around. This is your life we are talking about and I take that seriously. People I loved ended their lives because they were unhappy – this is not a game for me. If coaching is for you, LET’S GO! A year from now you’ll wish you started today. 



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I LOVE connecting with people, period. Audiences appreciate my humor, candor and informative story-telling style. Panels, workshops, keynotes … I do all that! See some topics below. Since everything isn’t for everybody, I will happily customize a program for you! Popular Topics…
- Identify Energy Suckers The saying is, ‘Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.’ If every person is a reflection of our internal mirror, what do the people around us tell us about us? Learn how to identify and end energy sucking relationships and recognize the life you want in the people around you.
- Coping with Transitions Love and Work transitions are the big kahunas and when those are in flux, nothing seems right! New school, new job, new city, new parent – we are constantly changing and at some point, in the grey area between Point A and B. Get clear on what you to learn “in the meantime” and the do’s and don’t for a healthy transition!

- Develop and Maintain Self-Esteem You wouldn’t know by looking at me today, but I struggled big time with acceptance, abuse and addiction – hardly fertile ground for a strong-self image. With humor and wisdom learned the hard way, I demonstrates how to extract the message from the mess and why we all can choose to have a happy life (or not!).

- Silence Your Inner ‘Evil Twin’ Your ‘evil’ twin is the negative internal voice holding a megaphone. “Why bother? It’ll never happen. You’re NOT worthy!” This imaginary friends does not define your reality! Learn how to turn up the volume on your inner cheerleader with affirmations and ego-identifying exercises.

- When ‘Stuff’ Is Not Enough Filling a hole in the soul with material goods or outside validation can be an exhausting cycle of excitement and regret. Learn how to strengthen qualities such as passion, creativity, tenacity and perseverance. They will take you further then any bout of retail therapy.

- Surviving The Storm Feeling helpless, confused and under pressure to meet expectations can be a crushing and deadly weight at any age.  Learn how I came out of and stayed away from a painful three-year depression.

 Life Experience Topics:

- Survivor of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence & Depression
- Mixed Race 
- Teen Mentor
- Activist
- Mother of Twins
- Marathoner 
- Natural Hair Champion
- Former Hollywood Insider
- Professional Background in Entertainment Marketing, Social Media, Communications & Promotions


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