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About Me:

Once upon a time, I hated my life. And no one had any idea.
From an early age, mental health and addiction plagued my surroundings. I struggled with issues of identity, self-esteem and confidence, living a life that ‘looked good on paper’. In my early twenties, I was consumed by the pressures of  ‘adulting’, consumed by the comparisons and harassment that came with working in the music business and on the path to being a Gold Star People Pleaser.
A smiling scream. I was miserable. I lived in public housing with an apartment the size of a parking space (seriously) and tolerated toxic friends to avoid being alone. My time, efforts and energy were exclusively on my exterior. Spiritually void. One physically abusive relationship lead to another.  After being drugged and sexually assaulted while on holiday, I plunged into a depression that lasted four years. 
Professional therapy and medication pulled me out of the pit. Staying out would be up to me. After my last session, the doctor prescribed me an hour outdoors every day. I started by standing in the sun of my window. Then the stoop of my apartment. Then the park. Those quiet times on the bench aren’t what saved me. It was the acknowledgement of SELF. Looking in instead of out for the first time. I was determined to never ‘go there again and to do the work in order to receive love, self-love, in my life. Fast forward 15 years and I am able to connect to thousands of people who are searching ‘self’ as I once was, thanks to lived experience, deep understanding, applied knowledge and years of study and personal development. 
I DID and DO THE WORK. It’s why I’m able to facilitate authentically, without judgment, from experience. Do I wake up smiling as if life is on a sunbeam everyday? No. Do I have it all figured out? C’mon now…
I worked my ass off to get through that nightmare and still do every, muthalovin’ day and it is a privilege to learn and apply new tools to share with you. Simple, yes. Easy? Noooooo. It’s hard, but as Mother Teresa once said, “Do it anyway.”




Personal Development Coaching

Why do I need a Coach? 

No one is going to put in a sincere effort to solve your problems for FREE other then mom (and how’s that workin’ for ya?). You can vent and plan and bitch and moan to your friends, but they have their OWN bag of bees to wrestle with. You need a coach for your blind-spots, to guide you through painful but positive adjustments and to strategize and prioritize each step towards your goal. That is the type of client I want is one who is open, available and already seeking a better way of living. 

 What Makes Me A Phenomenal Coach?

The bad news is I’ve been there. The good news is, I’VE BEEN THERE!

Mom and your girlfriends can rub your back, brush your hair and tell you “it’ll be ok” when you mess up. I am not the one. I will however love you with the ferocity of a mamma bear and you’ll feel it instantly. By gently calling you out and aggressively seeking solutions, we’ll tackle this together. If you want to wait to make a change in your life until its January 1st,or when Mercury isn’t in retrograde, or when its easier…. save it sister. I want to work with the person who is serious and ready to go!



 As your coach, I’m going to give you the real deal. I will push you to say words out loud that you buried deep in the back of your brain. Not to torture you, but in order to get you on the other side of what scares you, what stops you in order to help you. It might take one coaching call, 4 consecutive sessions or 3 months of intensive overhaul. Get in touch for a Free Consultation and we’ll come up with a plan.  This is your life we are talking about and I take that seriously. People I loved ended their lives because they were unhappy – this is not a game for me. If coaching is for you, LET’S GO! A year from now you’ll wish you started today. 

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I LOVE connecting with people, period. When I began lecturing about Mental Health at universities in 2013, the intention was to BE the voice that I needed when I was an overwhelmed student.  To talk with not at people, to deliver information they want to know instead of what blabbing on about what I want them to know. Radical, no?
My mission then and today is to facilitate organic, face-to-face dialogue, where people feel safe, heard and seen. Doing this fortifies community and conversations that last long after I leave the venue.  I feel this approach has contributed to shift the stigma of Mental Health in Canada and it has won me consecutive national awards for ‘Best Lecturer’, earned me the support and representation of The National Speakers Bureau, and media and keynote opportunities that allow me to connect with more people.
 Audiences appreciate my humor, candor and informative story-telling style and they are often so relaxed by the end of my keynote that my Q&A’s sessions can last just as long. If they want to talk, I want to listen!

Keynote Topics:

Understanding Mindfulness & Meditation: Defining a personal practice, contextualizing present challenges with burnout, depression or anxiety, exploring evidence based benefits including focus, resilience, well-being,  strategies to incorporate teachings into daily life (yes, you too busy bee!)
Mindful @ Work: Certified to teach this professional development resource by Mindfulness Without Borders. Customized programming addressing eight integration and practice strategies that combine social-emotional learning and mindfulness. Mind Body Connection, Handling Conflict Skillfully, and Noticing Emotional Triggers are some of the program sessions. On-site and held in Circle Council.  
Prioritizing Self-Care for Caregivers:  Influencing influencers to prioritize their personal development as a means to professional achievement. Statistics and discussion on the global pandemic of burnout and reframing the concept of ‘filling one’s cup’ and giving the ‘overflow’ to others. This focus on individual wellbeing is suited for those in ‘self-sacrificing’ roles of Healthcare, Education, Athletics, Media, Hospitality, Finance, Events and the Arts.
Care For Creatives: Prior to wellness, I worked in Entertainment Marketing and PR. For creatives and the teams who bring actualize ideas, work IS life and stress quickly seeps into all areas. Sharing my decade of applied knowledge, I offer tangible tools to implement boundaries and a self-care practice that suits a high pressure lifestyle and encourage the use and practice of mindful language for those working with highly sensitive artists. Better artist, better team, better art.
FAQ: What IS a ‘Circle Council’ and what does a Facilitator do?
Circle Council is the old new way of communicating. By utilizing this modality, a common ‘language’ can be implemented in any workplace, community group, school or gathering. My training comes from The New England Council Collective; part of The Ojai Foundation, and Mindfulness Without Borders.
[definition from The Center For Council]

“Council processes have been developed in many cultures and have been used for generations. The structure of council circles may vary, but a basic form remains constant: a group is gathered in a circle for a conversation about a specific topic, and the opportunity to speak is given one at a time to all members of the council. Often, a “talking piece” is passed clockwise around the circle to identify the speaker. Members only speak when it is their turn and are encouraged to listen intently, without comment, while others are speaking. All members have the right to keep silent or “pass” when their turn comes. A facilitator is charged with maintaining the boundaries of the circle to protect the process.”
By fostering attentive listening and authentic expression, Council builds positive relationships between participants and neutralizes hierarchical dynamics formed by the inequality of status, race, or other social factors. It supports a deep sense of community and fosters recognition of a shared humanity and interconnectedness.  It enables individuals to give voice to their stories, develop mutual respect, cultivate a compassionate response to anger, defensiveness, and violence, as well as strengthen emotional health and resilience.



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