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me & my peanuts at 3 months old. a past life on a Malibu beach. so different. both happy. 


full interview here! 


People see pictures of ‘the girls’ yet I don’t often speak about what it is/was like becoming their Mother. Baptism by Fire. Herding Cats. Complete Surrender. Lots of patience and positive self-talk. Plus it helps that Dad is hands on (even diapers!) and has my back when I have to travel or am wiped from an intense day with clients. Grandma, In-Law’s, friends and neighbours – amazing – that ‘taking a village’ bit … spot on.

When the EmOem (m-o-m) team came out, it was a f-f-f-freezing December day, a hard night, cranky drop off and not enough solo time in the morning. When they pulled in the driveway, I was in a towel! Oh Moms… Total trust and ease, I enjoyed this process opening up about what is most important.

Offering up a look at my experience as a Mother to twin girls, and guidance for working moms (anyone really) as how to juggle when you need more hands!