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Hosted @nsbspeakers annual showcase of their BEST! I was in the front row, so engaged with the speakers, I forgot (for a moment) that I had a job to do. The saying is right – it’s not work when you love it.

Inside the #ScotiaBanktheatre we will heard from brilliant minds like:
✅ David Frum (Senior Editor for @theatlantic)

✅ @drgregwells (human performance expert)

✅ @deejayndn (activist, founding member of A Tribe Called Red)

✅ @denisedonlon (humanitarian, media & music trailblazer)
and more!


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(LtoR: Senior Agent Jeanne-Marie Robillard, activist & philanthropist Illana Landsberg Lewis, NSB CEO Theresa Beenken, 3D Innovator Dr. Julielynn Wong, Media Trailblazer and Music Business SheRo Denise Donlon)

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(LtoR: Event Host and Solei & Solara’s Mom, Brain Science Expert Dr. Brynn Winegard, Denise Donlon, Artist & Activist Ian Campeau, Dr. Julielynn Wong)


Last I was honoured to speak, this year, thrilled to host!

Our world needs to continually evolve and look forward – now more than ever!

Let’s start a dialogue on how to tackle BIG problems one life at a time.