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“In our own [US] culture, where coffee has come to be more about grabbing a 16-ounce-grande-whatever, in a paper cup to go, coffee is more about fueling up and going fast. In Sweden, coffee is something to look forward to, a moment where everything else stops and you savor the moment…In today’s modern world we crave a little bit of that; we want an excuse to slow down.”

[more on the beauty and effectiveness of the a "fika" a Swedish coffee break]


 we are chugging through February and it’s DAY 3 of my #LoveWorkMore challenge! I’ve heard from dozens of you who have applied these tips – the morning and evening routines – and it’s helping!

go you!!

now what the frigg is a FIKA…

Instead of dicking around half-way through your workday, peeking at your phone or Facebook 47 times an hour, MAKE time for a real break. This way, when it’s time to work, you work clearly because you’ve ‘earned’ your play.  The British do it with 4pm tea time. Can we all be like the Spanish and rest two hours in an afternoon ‘siesta’? Maybe not two hours, how is 20 minutes?

make a point of taking a real pause  - to gain inspiration from others, to reflect on your productivity, your ‘why’, to ‘cool your jets’ in order to run efficiently for the remainder of day. Try this pause at 10:30am and/or 2:30pm.