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we did it! we plowed through january – which felt like the fastest and yet longest month ever – and now we are in glorious february. over a third of you have fallen off your new years resolutions but fret not, the rest of your life starts TODAY!


what i hear constantly from clients and audiences is that they are ‘flatlining’ at work. while they enjoy the tasks of the job, it has become mundane. that ho-hum energy is slogged back home with them, seeping into their personal lives, and quicker then you can say ‘snooze button’, they drudge back to the office for (what feels like) more of the same. life is too LONG for that sad story!


to help combat said sad story, i created a 3 week ‘to do’ to ‘LOVE WORK MORE’. A job is not an external place you show up for, it is another expression of who you are and what YOU bring to it. We have all encountered people working what appear to be menial jobs, but with a pride and purpose that made you notice them. reflect on that … there is a baggage handler in Toronto that sings as he hauls your luggage on the convator belt, brightening up a life for a momentary interaction. he is legend in this city and while you don’t know his name, if you’ve seen to Pearson Airport once, you will look for him a second time.


i want to reunite engagement, presence and self-care in the workplace. when someone walks by your cubicle, or into your office, when they cross your path in the day, they notice you. they note your space, your energy, your awareness and attitude. effortless leadership. someone wants to do and be better because they see you doing it. not killing yourself for perfection, but a mild, noted shift in effort that results in visible, tangible outcomes.  these simple tasks, when applied daily, result in a reframe of appreciation for our careers, our purpose in them and even appreciation (compassion even?!) for the maniacs we share most of our days with.


it starts with appreciation – remember, the best way to appreciate a job is to not have one.


each day i will post a video & note explaining the task for that day. please comment and share if you are up for the challenge!


ready? let’s do it!

it helps to ‘reward a new habit with an old one’ so for DAY ONE, a morning routine, make your coffee and screw around on instagram AFTER this routine. ¬†: )








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