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having a repeat client affirms hard work.

when a relationship between women is built on clear objectives and a shared intention, a pull, a force is created when you being extracting the best ideas towards the best possible outcome. that is what working with Erica and Melissa at Canada Pension Plan feels like. for the second year, i was asked to present my Assertiveness Workshop to brilliant financial minds from the premier academic institutions in Canada.


my assertiveness session is a crash course in self-awareness. it’s not about being more outgoing, speaking more or steamrolling others. i’m more interested in doubt. why don’t you raise your hand? where did these fear based thoughts stem from? i teach students how to reframe their fear based thoughts, how to practice self-care in order to notice troubling behaviour patterns while preventing burnout. we covered all this and more… next session needs to be 90 minutes at least!


thank you again for having me CPP – it’s truly my pleasure.