Having a baby, twins at that, has put my body into a year long WTF rollercoaster.


Crazy huge, crazy tired, swollen, rapid weight loss, a flooding of horomones, healing of scar tissue and adventures in breastfeeding have enveloped my life. not complaining, these are early days and this transition is the same for everyone.


Being 5’9 in the 8th Grade always left me a wee bit self-concious of the way I looked, and I developed a bad habit of slandering my body in a self-deprecating and funny way. That doesn’t feel fair to do that now. I mean, I created two lives! Two spines and livers, four eyes, 20 fingers and toes… my body made other, perfect and beautiful bodies, complete with reproductive organs that will eventualy create more bodies! how cool is that?


Its not fair to trash this body for a few stretch marks or jiggly spots. I know that. Looking in the mirror, i saw some stretch marks on my lower tummy and thought, “yuck! look what their heads did to my stomach!” and then it hit me… their heads. an image of two upside down, five-plus-pound babies, floating in my womb came to mind. quiet. growing every second of every day, waiting to be born. wow. My stretch marks now seem like battle scars, reminders of this time. A reminder of the sacrifice me and my body made for these little girls. wow.


Here are 4 tips to (Re) Learn To Love Your Body After Baby.


F*ck The Numbers! Focus On Health!

waist size, or the number on the scale, your intention is not chasing a number. YOU are not a number. the focus is on living a healthy, balanced lifestyle that GIVES you energy for the things you want to do and RELEIVES you of the stress that slows things down. Mediate to feel at peace. Break a sweat everyday and set free those feel good endorphins.  Food is to nourish you – savor it, versus savagely shoving handfuls of a meal in your face between baby feedings (i’ve heard that people do that…not me of course)


Talk To YOU The Way You Do A Friend.

Self-talk is a muuutha isn’t it? The things I say to mySELF about my body, i wouldn’t DREAM of saying to a friend. New Rule: I stopped speaking to myself in a way that I wouldn’t speak to my children. The whirlpool-o-self hatred only takes you further away from where you WANT to be. Would you go the extra mile for a boss that belittled you? picture that boss being supportive, understanding and forgiving. better right? reframe the trash talk and ask ‘would i talk to my child this way?’. then, REPEAT AFTER ME: my body continues to amaze me and i accept myself unconditionally.


Stay Positive. Be Grateful. 

new moms – too many women are unable to have the childbirth experience you just did. give thanks. if you were born in another part of the world, you might have died in labour. give thanks. start with what you CAN do, and be positive about what IS working for you and put those good vibes towards changing what can be changed (and accepting what can’t be!)



catch and release those negative gremlins by making positive, daily affirmations. surround yourself with supportive cheerleaders (who call you out when you trash yourself!). boost confidence by doing MORE of what you’re great at! get out there mamma. be the example of a healthy woman that sons, daughters and partners need to see.


had a baby? have a few? how did you cope with the BIG body changes?