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Happy Clients

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J. Clarke

/ NAACP – Beverly Hills, Hollywood

We live in a society where our young people are watched – Nova has a gift of making them feel seen. A joy to work with and a new role model for our times!




Let's Work Together

"Nova Browning Rutherford is a Personal Development Coach and Speaker who has connected with North American audiences by reminding them that they can transform pain into progress. Her intention is for individuals in limbo to break the "victim mentality" cycle and tap into the qualities that propelled them out of hard times in the past. A survivor of depression, abuse, addiction, and assault, Nova’s sincerity and humor are refreshing to audiences looking to be inspired. Her career in Hollywood, provides nuance to her programming, as she uses pop culture references to warn of the trappings of material wealth and fame.
  • Confidence Building

    With humor and wisdom learned the hard way, Nova demonstrates how to extract the message from the mess and why we all can choose to have a happy life (or not!).

  • Toxic Relationships

    Learn how to identify and end energy sucking relationships and recognize the life you want in the people around you.

  • Depression

    Feeling helpless and under pressure to meet expectations can be a crushing weight at any age. Learn how Nova came out of and stayed away from a painful four-year depression.

  • Material vs Moral Value

    Learn how to strengthen qualities such as passion, creativity, tenacity and perseverance. They will take you further then any bout of retail therapy.





Regardless of what has happened, the rest of your life can start today.


Do or do not. There is no try.

Viktor Frankl

When we can no longer change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves.