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"Nova lectures on the importance of mental health, social and emotional intelligence in the academic, public and private sectors. A wellness expert who demonstrates the strength in vulnerability with warmth and relatable humour as a common denominator through difficult topics. She has been named one of the Top 5 Life Coaches in Toronto, a certified facilitator with the global organization, Mindfulness Without Borders and the award winning non-profit F-You: The Forgiveness Project. Nova is a fixture on the internationally syndicated talk show CTV's "The Social", and has been profiled in major media outlets like Huffington Post, The Globe And Mail, The Walrus, Chatelaine, CBC and CTV.
  • Confidence Building

    With humor and wisdom learned the hard way, Nova demonstrates how to extract the message from the mess and why we all can choose to have a happy life (or not!).

  • Toxic Relationships

    Learn how to identify and end energy sucking relationships and recognize the life you want in the people around you.

  • Depression

    Feeling helpless and under pressure to meet expectations can be a crushing weight at any age. Learn how Nova came out of and stayed away from a painful four-year depression.

  • Material vs Moral Value

    Learn how to strengthen qualities such as passion, creativity, tenacity and perseverance. They will take you further then any bout of retail therapy.